My fitness journey began in high school and continued throughout my time in the military. 

After my service I went through a period of binge eating and moderate drinking  with little

to no fitness training which resulted in a major decline in health and excessive weight gain. 

A trip to the doctor where I was told I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and

numerous other health problems was my wake up call.  I began working out and eating

better, lots of research into nutrition and fitness turned my life around.    A year later my

doctor was shocked at my results and could not believe that I hadn’t taken any of the many

prescribed medicines she recommended for my health issues.  This evolved into a passion

for fitness and nutrition that continues today.  


I strive to help anyone that walks into our gyms, no matter their age or fitness level. 

I strongly believe in correct form over volume when training and continually research

improved training methods for our members to be successful in their health/fitness journey. 

My experience currently extends from training stay at home moms, Adaptive Athletes,

Professional MMA fighters, Collegiate Athletes, SWAT/SF Operators and everyone in between, my hopes are that I can utilize that experience to help you reach your goals.  


If you are looking to make a positive fitness change in your life, I hope to see you at one of our HEX gyms soon!  

Dorie Stafford, Trainer

Dorie Stafford 183.jpg

I do not have the typical "loved fitness all my life" story. I never participated in a sport, ran

a mile, or ate healthy till I decided one day I was tired of myself and the example

I was setting for my kids.


I am the mother of two daughters and I was not being their best mom. My health was

poor and I was very overweight. I began by walking every night after my kids went to bed.

I eventually began to run and participate in a few 5K runs. It was hard but a fire had been

lit inside me and I was enjoying the ride. Along the next few years I joined a gym met new

fitness minded friends and lost 90 pounds.


I learned a lot about nutrition how the body used food as fuel and my relationship slowly changed with food. I know what it is like starting at the bottom and doing all the dirty work associated with literally saving your own life. It isn't pretty and it isn't easy but it is SO worth it! Fun Fact about me, I no longer like to run and I love to lift weights!! A fitness journey is truly ever changing.


I have been a group and personal trainer or the past 3 years. Along with being a certified HEX Trainer I currently have my L-1 Crossfit certification,  I am certified to coach Crossfit Kids and have taken additional continuing education online courses. I enjoy working with adults and elementary/middle school aged kids to educate them that a healthy lifestyle can be fun and rewarding. Helping people reach their goals is a passion of mine because I know firsthand the journey.


My hope is that the person reading this will trust HEX to be apart of their fitness journey. I am committed to our members and being the absolute best coach I can be for them by ensuring proper form, the best training environment, support and continuing to educate myself to serve them best. Lets get started, there is no better time than the present!!

Jordan Schoeb, Trainer

Jordan Schoeb 183.jpg

I was born and raised in Southeast Texas. All of my life I have been involved in sports

and fitness. I would go from one practice to another, eating whatever I could shove in

my mouth before the next practice started. People would always tell me “you’re so

muscular, you don’t have an ounce of fat on your body!” I knew I was built, but I also

knew there was something I could do to look better. I wasn’t fully content with how I

looked and knew I needed to do something different. It wasn’t until the end of my junior

beginning of my senior year I realized that even though I’ve always been active,

something was missing from the equation. That’s when I decided to start focusing on

my nutrition and workouts and boy did that work wonders!  Ever since, I have not looked

back. Of course I’ve had my bad days, weeks, etc. but the key is to always steer back

on track. 


I played soccer for Lamar my freshman year, but due to multiple injuries, I realized it

wasn’t for me. Now, I am focusing on school, working out, and living my best life! Working out is my stress reliever, and I LOVE to be challenged and to try new styles! I am currently a junior at Lamar University pursuing Speech Language Pathology while minoring in sign language.  I plan to graduate in May of 2020! I look forward to helping you thrive in your fitness journey and meet your goals at 183 HEX! Anything is possible when you set your mind to it! 

Danielle Stutes, Trainer

Danielle Choate 183.jpg

I started powerlifting my senior year in high school and won state and national

championships along with holding a national record for many years. I continued on

my path of fitness after high school and worked at several gyms in this area. In 2000,

I obtained a personal training certification through NDEITA and ACE two years later.

I taught classes as well as personal trained until 2013.


At the end of 2013, I was given the opportunity to open my own fitness and training

facility, 183FiT. The success of 183FiT has allowed us to expand and venture out with

our HEX Company.

Our foundation at 183HEX is Form, Functional Wellness, Fit, Flexibility, Family,

and Fun! 

Let us help you reach your individual goals!

Brian Stutes, Co-Founder, HEX Chief Programming Officer